Anti Adulteration

An anti-adulteration campaign in Punjab is being started as per the vision/ instructions of Chief Minister Punjab to ensure safety and quality of food items for general public.

Existing Mechanism

  • Pure Food Ordinance 1960
  • Notified officers under DCO

Strategy for Anti Adulteration Campaign

  • Preparation and support by the Food Department & PFA to the districts
  • Basic training of  master trainers from each district
  • Information sharing with districts
  • Guidance for hiring of Food Testing Labs (if required)
  • Toll free number for complaints 0800-02345

PITB Dashboard

  • For daily report by districts
  • For uploading of pictures of activities
  • For complaints through toll free number i.e. 0800-02345

Third Party Validation by PITB

  • Task forces (4) deputed for supervision of districts regarding anti adulteration campaign
  • Workshop for task forces and district administrations on August 9, 2015
  • Public awareness campaign by information department & PFA
  • Launching of anti adulteration campaign

Basic Requirements

  • Daily action in bazaars and eateries/ hotels/ restaurants
  • Daily action against adulteration in districts
  • Daily report on PITB dashboard by 6 pm
  • Complaint redressal - received on dashboard through toll free number
  • Public awareness campaign

Existing Mechanism Outside Lahore

  • Punjab Pure Food Ordinance, 1960
  • Punjab Pure Food Rules, 2011
  • PLGO, 2001,  (Sec. 141, Tenth Schedule)
  • Summary trial, bailable, non-cognizable
  • Judicial magistrate 1st class
  • Implementation in other districts of the Punjab
  • Executive District Officer (Health)
  • Notified officers (by Health Department)

General Powers of Notified Officers under Punjab Pure Food Ordinance, 1960 (Sec. 17)

  • Enter, detain, search and take sample from any vehicle or package of any food
  • Seize and remove food, apparatus etc
  • Fine in shape of tickets up to Rs 3000


  • For a first offence, rigorous imprisonment for a term up to 1 yr and fine Rs 100 - 2000
  • For a second offence, with rigorous for a term which shall  not be less than 3 months and not more than 2 yrs and fine Rs 500 - 10,000
  • For repeated offences or for offences of large scale adulteration or adulteration with injurious substances, even in the first instance, with rigorous imprisonment  shall not be less than 3 yrs and not more than 5 yrs, and fine Rs 5000 - 100,000