Core Team

Syed Bilal Haider
Additional Secretary
(Sep 8, 2015 - to Present)

Bilal Haider belongs to Pakistan Administrative Service. He joined Civil Service in 2005 through FPSC competitive exam of CSS. He holds MBBS degree. He has obtained Master Degree in Public Management and Policy from National University Singapore and Harvard University Singapore in 2015. He has worked in 3 districts as Additional District Collector and another 3 districts as Assistant Commissioner. He has also worked in CM Sectt and Health Education Department as Depart & Additional Secy.

Anjum Sardar
Deputy Secrertary
(March 2015 to Present)

He contributes in the enhancement of wheat storage capacity of the department through Silos, a modern way of grain storage.

Asif Bilal Lodhi    
(Feb 2015 to Present)

Chief Supervisory Officer/ Competent Authority in the capacity of Head of the attached department mainly monitoring the operations of procuring, storing & sale of wheat / wheat products in Food Organization ensuring Food Security in the Punjab Province.

Hafiz Ahmad Sher    
Deputy Director Budget
Accounts Food Directorate Punjab
(Dec 2014 to Present)

Arrangements of Finances/ Credits from Scheduled banks for wheat procurement operation at the eve of procurement season every year and retirement of debts through sale of wheat subsequently to flour mills. Supervising the wheat subsidy/ budgetary issues besides monitoring disposal of audit reports of internal/ OAD Audit Paras and conducting of Departments Accounts Committee /Personal Accounts Committee meetings regularly.

Amir Muhammad Bermani    
Deputy Director Food Directorate Punjab
(Nov 2012 to Present)

Supervising the matters of allocation of wheat plan from surplus to deficient areas in the Punjab province and issuance of wheat quota to flour mills. Derailing with all issues concerning flour millers/ mills management etc.